Sunday, 9 June 2013

Olivia Bee ☮

"I strive to capture the ordinary, in an extraordinary way. Life is beautiful, perfect, and cinematic, if you look at the right moments. It's not always an accurate summary of life in general, but it is those specific moments that make it worth living anyway." 
- Olivia Bee
Olivia Bee for Hermès

Since the age of 11, Olivia Bee has been photographing her everyday life. Starting off with her mother's old Pentax, she has been ever since climbing up the photographic world. Now, at the age of 19, the american photographer originally from Oregon shoots adverts for Converse, Levis, and my personal favourite, Hermes. 
Olivia Bee's pictures stand out from the crowd not only with their particular vintage and faded effect (similar to Ryan McGinley's) but also with their unique way to catch a moment or emotion. Sometimes, she even manages to capture an  image that seems to be coming right out a fairy tale. Click here to see her blog.
- S. 
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